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Kamloops Airport is pleased to offer an updated floatplane dock system along the Thompson River, adjacent to the airport on Aviation Way.

The lower docks, upper deck, gangway and launch are open and ready to welcome floatplane operators, as well as pleasure craft boaters. Members of the community can also enjoy the improvements, as the floatplane dock now connects with the City of Kamloops Rivers Trail, and offers park benches and great water views.

To use the dock for boat launching or loading, boaters must first obtain a Boat Vehicle Operator Permit (BVOP) from Kamloops Airport. Here’s how:

  1. Download the manual and application form.
  2. Review the manual and contact us to schedule a BVOP test
  3. Take the BVOP test at Kamloops Airport; boaters scoring 100% will pass
  4. Finish the application form and pay the seasonal fee of $75 ($78.75 with tax)

Don’t forget to bring your valid driver’s license and pleasure craft operator card to the test.

Floatplane operators requiring fueling, flight planning and other aircraft services can contact Shell AviationExecutive Flight Center, or Mountainaire Services.

Please contact us with any questions.

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