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Shoring up for lift-off

Floatplanes will again be able to take off and land at Kamloops Airport, thanks to a new dock system currently under construction. The project is one of the largest focused on general aviation at the airport.

Once complete, the new system will provide safer and much-improved access to the airport for floatplanes, which will encourage operators to make Kamloops a destination of choice along their route. Operators also have access to fueling, flight planning and other aircraft services to support their flying activities through our FBO partner, Shell Aviation.

Floatplanes operators aren’t the only community members who will benefit. The facility also offers boat launch capability, available to boaters who have secured a seasonal license from the airport. We are also rejuvenating the area, creating park space for the community to enjoy a picnic or stop to watch planes.

Triton Docks is helping deliver the project, which is scheduled for completion later this year.

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